The PEYMCA board are the fiduciaries that steers the organisation towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, legal governance and financial management policies. We take the role and the responsibility of ensuring effective organisational planning; making sure that the organisation has adequate resources to advance our mission. We provide leadership to the YMCA on thematic issues affecting our communities by providing support, good practices and adequate resources.


Pastor F. Blignaut


Board Members

  • Mrs P. J. Cassels
  • Mr G. Coombe-Davids
  • Mr R.A.L. Crozier
  • Mr W.A. Griffin
  • Mr B.A. Moore
  • Mr J. Roman
  • Mr R. Gallant
  • Pastor N. Collins
  • Dr G. Adendorff
  • Ms L. Lebopo
  • Ms D. Trollip
  • Mr L. Moolman
  • Dr W. Shaidi
  • Ms E. Shaidi